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Our Hospital Management System Software is the best solution for Web based Hospital Management Software.

The Healthcare software completes all requirements of a Hospital Management software Modules and Incomplete list of softwares from us include Human Resource Management Software , ERP Software, Hospital Management Software , Blood bank software, LIMS Software, Inventory Control Software , Laboratory Information Management System , Pharmacy Management Software , Financial Accounting Software, of Sale Medical billing Software,Service Management Software,Barcode Solution & Softwares

If you like to buy a Super Specialty Hospital Management Software , ERP Software, Hospital Management Software , Inventory Control Software , Asset Management Software , Pharmacy Management Software , Financial Accounting Software, Medical Billing Software, X-ray & Sonography ManagementSoftware, Blood bank Management System, Diagnostics Centre, Gynecology & Pediatrics Clinic, Dentistry management Software, Barcode Solution & Softwares , please do get in touch with us and remeber the we also provide ERP Implementation , Software Development , Application & Project Consultancy, Data capturing solutions and Security & Identification Systems

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Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Hospital information management system (HIMS) software developing company in India. and Healthcare Application software for Hospitals, Pathology laboratory, Diagnostic centers, Clinics, OPDs, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Financial Accounting,HR & Payroll Software,Imaging Centers and Barcode Solution & Softwares.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company, established since 2001, Providing Top Healthcare IT Solutions Software , Web based Healthcare management software, Hospital management system software, Medical billling software, ERP SOftwares, Inventory Control Software , Asset Management Software , Pharmacy Management Software, Financial Accounting Software, Barcode solution softwares industry since 2001.Our aim is to provide unique, innovative Medical Software Services in India & Abroad.

Click here to download the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate and ISO 27001:2013 Certificate

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Medical Software Products

healthcare products available There are a number of medical software products developed by Birlamedisoft. These range from web-based software to single-user software.

Salient Features

Salient features It is an ISO:9001-2008 certified healthcare software Company. There are experts from all fields required for designing and developing the software.


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Healthcare Software Products

Quanta HIS Ophthalmology HIMS Xenon V10 HIMS Xenon Express HIMS Xenon LIS Xenon Pharmacy Xenon V3.2 HIS
Maxim-LIS online lab software Epathlab web-based lab system software Pathogold Prime lab software Pathogold Alpha lab software PathoGold Vecta lab software PathoGold Premium Advance lab software PathoGold Premium lab software PathoGold Regular lab software PathoGold Express lab software PathoGold Premium Cell Connect lab software with interfacing Histopath Lab Web-based lab software Histopath Vecta histopath lab software Histopath Premium histopath lab software Histopath Regular histopath lab software Radiology Premium lab software Radiology Regular lab software Pathorad Prime diagnostic center software PathoRad Alpha diagnostic center software PathoRad Vecta diagnostic center software PathoRad Premium Advance diagnostic center software PathoRad Premium diagnostic center software PathoRad Regular diagnostic center software
NetBloodBank Web-based blood bank software Blood Bank Manager Prime blood bank software Blood Bank Manager Vecta blood bank software Blood Bank Manager V 3.2 blood bank software Blood Bank Manager V 3.1 blood bank software
Clinic Plus with Gynaecology software Clinic Plus with Pediatrics software Web-based software for physicians Clinic management software Dental Clinic management software
Maxim-PACS teleradiology and PACS solutions
Web-based pharmacy software Medishop Prime medical store software Medishop Vecta medical store software Medishop Premium medical store software Medishop Regular medical store software

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