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15 years experience
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  • Global Presence as Leader in Healthcare Industry
  • Where Ingenuity Blends With Operational Excellence
  • Transforming Healthcare Software in One Click
  • Endeavour Innovation & Smart Execution
  • Technology is Our Canvas You Imagine, We Develop
  • A Legacy of Excellence
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About Birlamedisoft Healthcare Softwares


Leading with innovative healthcare software productsBirlamedisoft was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Birlamedisoft has been the pioneer in developing software for the healthcare industry. Since its inception Birlamedisoft has proven itself as a most trusted brand in delivering end-to-end solutions in a better and affordable way.

Birlamedisoft caters with innovative and advance integrated software to reduce the usage of time, and paper work involved in the healthcare industry, it is imperative for us to prepare software that is efficient over a long-term period, delivered to the user at affordable prices. Birlamedisoft endeavors offerings include hospital management, blood bank management software, PACS software, Laboratory management software, till other medical management software?s. All softwares are developed through cutting-edge-technology and user friendly for doctors and caterging to small to large scale enterprises.


"Our mission is to write 'Doctor Friendly' programs for Medical Professionals, and to make Birlamedisoft? a ubiquitous medical software brand that is synonymous with the best in quality and the most useful of medical software programs. It has to be the brand of choice. Its' brand equity must reflect the values associated with the brand."

"Our vision is to empower every Healthcare Professional with the 'Power of the Computer' by making computing software that is Usable, Comprehensible and Affordable to the most ordinary healthcare professional, running a small practice anywhere in the world."





Birlamedisoft has devoted 5,500+ man-years in developing Healthcare Softwares.



  • A Highly Motivated and Dedicated Management Consultants, Programmers & Operations Team.
  • In-depth relevant Experience in Development & implementations of Hospital Management, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Blood banking, Medicine & Medical informatics software solutions.
  • A panel of renowned doctors as consultants on its board for the development of medical softwares.
  • Mission