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Business / Channel Partnership



Quanta WebHIMS

?A sprit of foster collaboration with renowned group? Birlamedisoft?s endeavor offerings had been served more than 10,000+ clients in national and international level. Birlamedisoft is looking for business partners to capitalize their experience and resources in the healthcare industry to expand their footprint across the globe. For becoming Birlamedisoft business partner, download the application form and email us at and


Potential Partners Before approving a partner, or ordering products or services, the partner would be evaluated on their ability to meet minimal norms criteria and quality system requirements.



Hospital Management System Laboratory Information System Blood Bank Management Software Pharmacy Management Software OPD / Clinic Software
Small Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Polyclinics, Day Care centers Small Pathology Labs, Lab Technician Units Small Blood Banks Small Pharmacy stores Small General Practitioners clinics
Big Hospitals Big Diagnostics Centers Big Transfusion centers Chain of pharmacy stores Specialty Clinics Like Eye, Dental, Cardiac, Skin, obstetrics & Gynaec, Pediatrics
Super Specialty Hospitals & Tertiary clinics Referring Labs Chain of Blood Banks Medicine Dealers & Distributor Chain of Clinics
Multi Specialty Hospitals NABL Accredited Labs     Chain of Spas, Wellness Centers
  Chain of Labs, Diagnostics centers      


Birlamedisoft offers partnerships in two forms:
? Value Added Reseller (VAR)
? Enterprise Level Partner (ELP)


Prerequisites for business partnership with Birlamedisoft For business partnership the prerequisites are discussed below. On the basis of those requirements and availability of resources partnership has been offered.



Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Enterprise Level Partner (ELP)



Small Office space, otherwise from your home

Office Space minimum 200-1000 Sq Ft.

Laptop Computer Systems, minimum 1 (Must)

Laptop / Computer Systems, minimum 2-5 nos. (Must)

Ready to put your ample time for Birlamedisoft business

Ready to put ample manpower for Birlamedisoft business


Partnership Fees for National

Rs. 50,000 �(Fifty Thousand)

Rs. 1,00,000 (One Lack)

Partnership Fees International 

US $ 2,000 (Two Thousand)

US $ 5,000 (Five Thousand)

Note: The partnership fee is a non-refundable amount.


Business Model The business model is a way to generate (ROI) ?Return on Investment? through marketing & selling of Birlamedisoft software products. ROI patterns depend upon the type of partnership format. The ROI of VAR is different from the ROI of ELP. Birlamedisoft Business partner gets Birlamedisoft healthcare products at discounted prices. You start gaining handsome profits and can create a loyal business community for a long lasting business, within a short span of time


Opportunity of selling Birlamedisoft product under your own brand name The Software can be co-branded. The software which the end client will use may be customized to appear with your company logo, color pattern, etc. There will be a line marked on every software ?Marketed by (your company) Powered by Birlamedisoft?. Co-branding can be done for ELP enterprise level partners only and specially for bigger software projects or bulk orders. Softwares which are ready-made off-the-shelf products will carry co-branding and they should be bought in large quantity, Min 200 and above, then co-branding can be done.


Evaluation Version The evaluation software is provided to you, which allow you to test it. Once you become a partner (ELP Level) then we will set up a demo account for you for our software and provide the necessary online help.
For VAR partners, demo accounts are not provided. They need to get further help from the BM office.
Both category partners will get marketing materials from Birlamedisoft.


On-site training on BM products Birlamedisoft provides sufficient training online through chat / e-mail for all their software products. However, if you desire on-site help with installation and training, the same can be organized at a cost. Birlamedisoft personnel will arrive in order to provide an on-site training to you. BM professional will teach you how to operate the various Birlamedisoft software. They will also show you how to use various applications, and how to market them. The training period can range up to 5-15 days - depending on the requirement.
Once training is completed, you will be fully operational and ready to start selling Birlamedisoft Products.