Our Testimonials

Birlamedisoft Medical Softwares are the No.1 leader softwares in Medical Field today. Our valued customer list records thousands of satisfied clients of Birlamedisoft Medical Software products all over the World. The list is expanding everyday. You could also become one of our privileged customer by purchasing these International Quality Medical Softwares for your practice. Purchase Today and leave your worries behind.

Birlamedisoft has an honour of receiving testimonials and appreciation from their elite national and international clients.

What our customers tell about HIMS

Cosmo Hospital, Mohali, Punjab
One of the best and most useful hospital softwares we have come across, Birlamedisoft's software has improved the functioning of Cosmo Hospital.
Hitech Critical Care, Aurangabad, MS
This software has enabled us to become one of the topmost hospitals in terms of efficiency and management

Shani Shinganapur Hospital, Shani Shinganapur, Maharashtra, India
We have found Maxim-PACS to be very useful and the best software for PACS, as it satisfies all the requirements of a PACS system and provides the best image quality
Narmada Trauma Centre, Bhopal, MP.
Best software for hospitals, which can match even international standards.It has set the benchmark for medical softwares. Narmada Trauma Centre reference letter

Gangasheel Hospital, Bareilly, UP
Now that we are using this software, all our hospital processes are functioning in a faster and smoother manner
Jeevandeep Hospital, Satara, MS
No other hospital software provides the facilities which are available in this. It has really exceeded our expectation!

Sunflag Hospital, Faridabad, Haryana
The software is robust and user-friendly. The support centre of Birlamedisoft is very courteous & it provides round-the-clock services for smooth functioning of the software. I am fully satisfied with ?Quanta WebHIMS? and recommend the software to other hospitals.Sunflag Hospital reference letter
Surya Kidney Care, Mohali, India
This is an excellent software management system for hospitals like ours. It provides all facilities for proper management of our hospital and we have had no problem after using this software.

City Hospital, Jabalpur, MP
The most suitable hospital software at the most reasonable price. We have got what we were looking for!!!
Medical Aid Society of Malawi(MASM), Malawi
We are proud of having chosen Birlamedisoft Quanta for our organization. This has put us as the number 1 medical organization in our country.MASM Reference letter

Rajashree Cement Works (Ultratech Cement), Gulburga, Karnataka
Good industrial hospital software systems are very difficult to find, but we were pleasantly surprised as Birlamedisoft offered us just what we needed in the form of Quanta HIS. A really superior quality software!
Humming Health, Nairobi, Kenya
We are lucky to have got Quanta HIS software for our organization. It is really the top software among the available healthcare solutions!

Green City Hospital, Greater Noida, Delhi
Not only Quanta HIS software, but also the team of Birlamedisoft is one of the best we have encountered. Hats off to Birlamedisoft!
St. John Hospital, Papua New Guinea
Incredible hospital software! It really is second to none. The best software and the best price!!

PKC Hospital, Vashi, Mumbai
We went in for Quanta HIS software as it offered the best quality of HIS and all required functions needed for our hospital.
Cosmo Hospital, Mohali, Punjab
No other software provides the quality and services provided by Birlamedisoft?s ?Quanta HIS? software! Our search for a good hospital management software ended when we found Quanta.

Tata Power, Mumbai, MH
We are really impressed with the working of Birlamedisoft! Their Quanta HIS software has completely swept away all competition.

What our customers tell about LIMS

Dr.Prashant A. Jani, Founder medical director, Oncopath Diagnostics, Pune, India
I want to convey my special thanks to you and your support team members at Birlamedisoft. They are looking after the supporting part of software very promptly and provide perfect solution. My special thanks goes to Sachin Dange, who has been very very active and prompt in training and problem solving. It has been a pleasant experience to work with team of Birlamedisoft. Keep up the good work !!!!
Dr. Manish Seth, Medicentre, Udaipur
Congratulations R & D Team Birlamedisoft for their excellent online software and wish you great success ahead. The after sales support is commendable for which I am really thankful.The prompt response keeps me relaxed.

Ajay Simha S, DBR Diagnostic Services, Secunderabad
As far as Birlamedisoft online software we have not got any issues or complaints since we have been using it over a period of one year. I am happy with the performance and also with the maintenance. Hope you continue the good work.
K. Suresh, Director, Medipath Labs, Hyderabad
We are happy to inform you that we have been using your software from past almost 2 years, and we are extremly convinced of the services rendered by you.The uninturrepted services are highly appreciable. And the Customer Support from all the Departments is excellent.We Thank the whole team of Birla Medisoft for their efforts in bringing the best to the end user. The Software is worth each penny we spend.

Dr. S. Chandani, Advance Diagnostics Centre, Korba
Thanks for the improved new software,now we can say that we found the most advanced software for laboratory (NEW MAXIM-LIS) with easy operation, full control and accuracy.
Dr. Manish Beri,Pune
It is an extremely useful & powerful software for pathology laboratory

Dr. Ajay Shesh, MD, CEO - Renuka Diagnostics, Korba, Chhattisgarh
I am happy to state that we are fully satisfied and happy with the software and other support they have been giving us. Right from timely attending to our queries and requests, they also possess a fine work ethic and phone/personal manners.They have a sound theoretical and technical knowledge and ability to patiently listen to our difficulties, feedback and suggestions.
Dr. Lal Path Lab, Gurgaon, Delhi
Birlamedisoft is developing excellent software for Laboratories & Diagnostic Centre software . We are using Birlamedisoft Histopath Software for our Histopath Dept and it is really useful software for us. It generates reports as per CAP guidelines.

Geeta Diagnostics, Darbhanga
The working of our lab has improved by leaps and bounds once we started using Maxim-LIS software. We also are happy with the support provided for the software by Birlamedisoft.
Raghav Pathlabs Pvt Ltd, Haldwani
Absolutely incredible online lab software! It will be difficult for other laboratory software developers to catch up with Birlamedisoft. We hope to continue this relationship with Birlamedisoft for a long time!

Kennisha Rheumatology Care & Diagnostics, Mumbai
We have taken a very good decision by choosing Birlamedisoft Maxim-LIS software for computerization of our laboratory! It is an extremely user-friendly software which is definitely helping in the smooth functioning of our lab.
Saraswati Diagnostic Centre, Mumbai
Fabulous software for laboratories! Also the timely support provided by Birlamedisoft has convinced us that we have made the right choice of software for our diagnostic Centre.

Dr. Menghani's Advanced Diagnostic Centre, Bilaspur
After using Maxim-LIS for our diagnostic centre, we have realized that it is the best software available in the market right now.

What our customers tell about Net Bloodbank Software

Jankalyan Blood Bank, Nashik
Birlamedisoft Blood bank software is the easiest software we found in the market today. It is marvelous program and generates all reports as per FDA guidelines.
Hitech Blood Bank, Mumbai
Birlamedisoft Blood Bank Management Software provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response to patient care, cost control, and improved profitability. We are very happily using it since last 4 years.

Shriman Rambhai Blood Bank, Barshi
Birlamedisoft Blood Bank software is installed in our Bloodbank. It is easy to operate. We are using multi user version of this software and all our bloodbank dept are computerized. It has Modular Structure, Integrated Design, Multi Level Security, Easily Customizable, GUI Based and User Friendly software.
S. M. Mohite Blood Bank, Akluj
Blood bank software by Birlamedisoft is good software we have seen. There is no doubt that it is No 1. Blood bank management software in the market today. Birlamedisoft Provides us excellent after sales support and quick Response time. Thanks To Birlamedisoft.

Hegdewar Blood Bank, Solapur
Before purchasing software for our Blood Bank, we visited many healthcare websites, but we found Only One Company having low cost & high featured blood bank software i.e. ?Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd? .In a single software we found lots of features. Software is neatly designed and generates lots of reports. We are satisfied with Birlamedisoft Software, because it is user friendly, secure, modified software, It?s very easy to operate & customizable.