Net Bloodbank: Web Enabled System

It helps to maintain reports, billing, inventory, accounts and master registers for any blood bank organization. The software has an efficiency to generate more than 50 ready to use registers. In this section Birlamedisoft caters with other softwares used as per their requirements.


Database Driven

Database driven. Accurate database / Record management, Detailed Blood Bag Database, Detailed Donor Database.


Low initial outlay - i.e. low cost investment, Long term investment and savings – you can use that software for many years.


Search facilities by Donor, Patient, Doctor, Blood Bag, and other recognition clues. Correlation and cross referencing between files makes this a useful feature


Efficiency – Customization makes it dynamic software as per your need, There is add on facility of Bar Code Scanning and Printing available as an option


Exhaustive Report formats and Registers, Accounting facilities include Patient's Bills, Income Report, and Outstanding Balances, Reports on all types of printers.

Special Discount

Discount facility available depending upon the type of patient. e.g. Hemophilia, HIV Positive, blood cancer, previous donation etc.

Fast,Secure and Easy

Faster Response Time and Better Control, Blood Cross Matching (both Electronic cross-matching and Serological cross-matching) and result storing facility.

Adhaar Card integration

Integration with Adhaar card


Fast processing

Book/cancel appointment with just drag and drop

Amazing frontend and display

Data Integration

Improved clinical care & patient safety

Reduced cost.

Registers & Reports

List of Registers
  • Adverse Reaction's Report
  • Blood Bank Information
  • Blood Stock Book
  • Camp Register
  • Collection Report
  • Discard Report
  • Donor Card Report
  • Employee Report
  • Free Issue Card Register
  • Outstanding Balance Report
  • Reaction Report
  • Receipt
  • Daily Collection

List of Registers
  • Avidity Register
  • Blood Donor Record
  • Camp Donors
  • Cash Memo
  • Cross Match
  • Disease List
  • Donor List
  • Expiry Report
  • Issue Register
  • Patient List
  • Rejected Donors
  • Requisition Report
  • Test Report

List of Reports
  • Monthly CMIS report
  • Master Register
  • Cross match Register
  • Donor register
  • Cross Match report
  • Donor List
  • Daily Donor Record
  • Test Register
  • Issue Register
  • Donor Rejection Report
  • Expiry status Report
  • Patient List
  • Patient Account
  • Donor History
List of Reports
  • Requisition Register
  • Component stock report
  • Blood unit stock book
  • Adverse reaction register
  • Donor card
  • Camp Donor list
  • Blood Component report
  • Discard Register
  • Free card Register
  • Avidity and Potency Register
  • Camp Register
  • Employee report
  • Referred Dr Report