Blood Bank Management System

It helps to maintain reports, billing, inventory, accounts and master registers for any blood bank organization. The software has an efficiency to generate more than 50 ready to use registers. In this section Birlamedisoft caters with other softwares used as per their requirements.


Database Driven

Database driven. Accurate database / Record management, Detailed Blood Bag Database, Detailed Donor Database.


Low initial outlay - i.e. low cost investment, Long term investment and savings – you can use that software for many years.


Search facilities by Donor, Patient, Doctor, Blood Bag, and other recognition clues. Correlation and cross referencing between files makes this a useful feature


Efficiency – Customization makes it dynamic software as per your need, There is add on facility of Bar Code Scanning and Printing available as an option


Exhaustive Report formats and Registers, Accounting facilities include Patient's Bills, Income Report, and Outstanding Balances, Reports on all types of printers.

Special Discount

Discount facility available depending upon the type of patient. e.g. Hemophilia, HIV Positive, blood cancer, previous donation etc.

Fast,Secure and Easy

Faster Response Time and Better Control, Blood Cross Matching (both Electronic cross-matching and Serological cross-matching) and result storing facility.

Adhaar Card integration

Integration with Adhaar card

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Responsive Applications

Introducing Teleconsultation. No need to suffer with travel now. You can consult patients online with many other features. send reports online, write and send prescription simultaneously with video calling.

When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Why Bloodbank Management System


Accurate Data Records

One of the main advantage of having a blood bank management system is to accrate records. Accurate records will fasten your work without any mistakes.


Instant Data Record

You do not need to worry about fetching the data. Netbloodbank provide with various means by which you can search any patient, transaction or blood bag record.


Faster Results can save life

Blood bank deals with emergency cases daily. That need strong and fast support. Netbloodbank is a reliable and durable software which gives fast and accurate results


Happier Employees

Though, using this software is easy and fun. Bloodbank employee always remain calm and happy, becuase Netbloodbank handles most of the work.

Modules Offering

List of Registers

Adverse Reaction's Report

Blood Bank Information

Blood Stock Book

Camp Register

Collection Report

Discard Report

Donor Card Report

Employee Report

Free Issue Card Register

Outstanding Balance Report

Reaction Report


Daily Collection

List of Registers

Avidity Register

Blood Donor Record

Camp Donors

Cash Memo

Cross Match

Disease List

Donor List

Expiry Report

Issue Register

Patient List

Rejected Donors

Requisition Report

Test Report

List of Reports

Monthly CMIS report

Master Register

Cross match Register

Donor register

Cross Match report

Donor List

Daily Donor Record

Test Register

Issue Register

Donor Rejection Report

Expiry status Report

Patient List

Patient Account

Donor History

List of Reports

Requisition Register

Component stock report

Blood unit stock book

Adverse reaction register

Donor card

Camp Donor list

Blood Component report

Discard Register

Free card Register

Avidity and Potency Register

Camp Register

Employee report

Referred Dr Report

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