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Maxim PACS Presentation

Maxim PACS

Birlamedisoft Maxim PACS is a software which allows to view DICOM images with full-quality, non-compressed images over any type of network connection. With the help of technical experts Birlamedisoft has an advance version of PACS. Birlamedisoft Maxim PACS software is built for maximum accuracy and multidimensional modality studies.

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all images from your medical imaging instruments, accessible at your finger tips anywhere, anytime enabling you to have film less environment and faster and better patient care.


consist of Unlimited LAN terminals license, plus host of new features added. Complete package for making hi-tech automated pathology laboratory.


MAXIM PACS is a unique, indigenously developed web PACS, which allows distribution of images within and outside the Hospital, using state of the art technology.

Vast Scope

MAXIM PACS can handle images from various medical imaging instruments, including ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance (MR), positron emission tomography (PET), endoscopy (ENDO), computed radiography (CR) etc.

Immediate Connection

MAXIM PACS can be easily connected to any digital modality or archival system through existing networks, immediately allowing users with standard PCs to view full-quality, non-compressed images over any type of network connection.

DICOM images

Web Enterprise enables users to instantly access and view DICOM images directly from a digital modality or archive using any network connection, dial-up to broadband, inside or outside the organization.

High Quality Images

Radiologists, clinicians, referring physicians are enabled to use the Viewer to view DICOM images in lossless quality from anywhere at anytime, in real time.

Easily Available

PACS is offered by virtually all the major medical imaging equipment manufacturers, medical IT companies and many independent software companies but PACS developed by Birlamedisoft has special feature which none of the PACS system have.

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