To computerise pathology labs this is a great software. It generates all types of reports for pathology labs. It handles billing, inventory, accounting function of any small to big laboratory.


Easily Add/Edit/Search Patients:

Add/Edit/Search/Delete any patient easily. Every option will be on every screen

Amazing Front end

User definable report with Fonts & Color changes as per choice. You can create your own style of test reports with changeable fonts and colors,Easy to understand front-end.

Manage Accounts

Billing, Single click billing (Save Bills), Outstanding Balance Report, Income Report

Special Features

Data encryption and decryption facilities, Open Query System (OQS) where you can search any information on tests within a second. Ready to be attached with Electronic Microscopes.


Multiple Histo-pathology, cytology reports, Print a report with pictures, Ex. Histopathology reports along with Biopsy pictures.

SMS, PDF Facility

Create PDF report instantly, SMS notification automatically sent to patient as soon as report is ready, MS sending facility to any mobile no. Single/Bulk SMS can be sent.

Built in test formats

2000 'ready to use' test report formats already entered, Pathology, Cytology, Serology, HIV, Antibody Test Reports as well as Reports on all types of pathological investigations e.g. Biochemistry, Clinical etc. You name it we have it.

Test Results

Auto Load Default Test Results, Add / edit Test Result Patient Entry,Print multiple test results on a single page. On one page combine Heamogram + Biochemistry reports


Fast processing

Book/cancel appointment with just drag and drop

Amazing frontend and display

Data Integration

Improved clinical care & patient safety

Reduced cost.


HIMS in your pocket , easy to use and user friendly.

Nurse can manage his/her task , track patient record with a simple drag and drop.

You can capture Patient Picture,Audio,video, as well as prescibed the patient which are saved in gallery for further treatment.

Admin can check the sales, Purchase , profit,pharmcy ,Patient revenue in a graphical format.

Clean and neat graphical represention ,easy to understand and track record.

Counsultant can prescribed patient,track the demographic and take follow up.

patient can book appointment, track demographic, download reports ,call to nurse in a single click .