Birlamedisoft Maintenance Contract (BMC)

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1) Terms and conditions of Birlamedisoft Maintenance Contract (BMC)
  • Subjected to Birlamedisoft's End User License agreement,Support Entitlement & Birlamedisoft product life cycle plan
  • The BMC period is one year from the date of expiry of previous Support subscription
  • Prices in INR is applicable only for Indian customers. For international customers, prices are in US dollars.
2) Services offered as part of BMC are
  • Response to issues and resolution based on the severity of the issue and priority
  • Patch updates, if required
  • Fix for product bugs, if any
  • All doubts and issues will be solved through phone or using remote desktop tools
  • We are not taking the responsibility of data entry work
  • Birlamedisoft solutions do not require any preventive maintenance visits
3) Contacting Birlamedisoft and Support Ticket Management
  • Please call the 24x7 Response center at +91 92256 22058/59 /+91-92255 62179 / 180 / +91-20-65106272 to record your complaints and insist on the support ID
  • Birlamedisoft has invested on a support management system to record, track and resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently. All the Support incidents are tracked using the Support ticket ID given to the customers as soon as the issue is logged. Please quote the support Id for follow-up.
  • If you have a broadband connection, please let our support team know so that we can provide remote support over the same to solve the issues quickly
  • To continue to keep quality of service higher and the cost lower for all of us, we encourage you to get issues solved over phone, email, web or over remote desktop tools
4) Special Services, Retraining etc.
  • The re-installation charges are given on request for up to 1 server and 1 client for 1 company.For each additional client system a service fee will be charged. Similarly, for each additional company, service fee will be charged. Valid BMC is must for reinstallation. When the customer is not covered by valid BMC, he is not entitled to do reinstallations
  • Apart from standard training which Birlamedisoft provides, if the customer needs additional training the charges for the same are to be requested* (Limited to 1 person day effort only)
  • If you don't have broadband connection in your business. you should pay additional 50% on BMC charges
5) Payment for BMC
  • Payment can be made by a valid demand draft or cheque or online transactions or cash. Please visit the page for further details.
  • In case of dishonored cheques, there is a penal charge up to a maximum cheque value of Rs 5000 and if the cheque value exceeds this amount, then the penal charge is per cheque.
  • If there are any outstanding BMC charges, please send the payment for the same before calling us for the support.
6) Product Lifecyle Plan :
  • Customers are requested to upgrade to the latest versions of Birlamedisoft softwares such as Epathlab, Maxim-LIS, Quanta-HIS V2.0, Maxim-PACS, Histopath-Lab, Ophthalmology Hospital Software, Dentsoft, Gynaesoft, Paediasoft and many more at the earliest to enjoy enhanced product and superior service.

NOTE: Customers should purchase the new license as per our latest product price list.

7) Third Party products such as IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL if required by customer for the SQL version of the Birlamedisoft products,have to be licensed separately from the respective vendor. The point of sale module can work with the FREE edition of the SQL database.Birlamedisoft will not take responsibility of installing/supporting any third party software other than Birlamedisoft software.

8) The minimum service billing period for support and training services is for one day.

9) Birlamedisoft BMC charges only include Minor release and service pack updates. Birlamedisoft BMC will not cover Product upgradation charges.

10) Upgradation charges includes 1 year Birlamedisoft BMC.

11) Minimum period of purchase for Birlamedisoft standard and Birlamedisoft premium support has to be for one year.

12) All Birlamedisoft BMC prices will be applicable from the product's current list price.

13) Support during the 30 days evaluation period is FREE and entitlement is as per Birlamedisoft Evaluation BMC plan.

14) Birlamedisoft Subscription license fee includes Support Entitlement equivalent to the Birlamedisoft Standard BMC product.

15) Birlamedisoft BMC products are not transferable.

16) Birlamedisoft will not be liable to the Customer for any loss of data, interest, revenues, profits, contracts, loss or damage caused by the use of this service or any other indirect or consequential loss.

17) Birlamedisoft HO sends a receipt for the payment within 3 days (Birlamedisoft BMC / Upgradation charges must reach Birlamedisoft so that Birlamedisoft CRM system is updated with the payment history). Please feel free to contact or or phone numbers as provided on the Contact page, in case you did not receive receipt within 5 days.

18) It shall not be the responsibility of Birlamedisoft to send any reminder or any such communication to intimate the expiry or renewal of the Birlamedisoft BMC period. The onus of renewing the contract rests with the owner.

19) Anything not explicitly mentioned as scope of service is not part of the standard service delivered by Birlamedisoft.

20) Birlamedisoft BMC will not cover service charges due to willful misuse or negligent use or abuse of the software by yourselves.

21) We have option to terminate the Birlamedisoft BMC, if the software is served / repaired / in any manner by any other party without prior information to us.

22) We shall not be liable for any break or non performance or delay in carrying out any of the obligations contained in this maintenance service contract servicing the software as a result of strike, lockout, industrial / labour disturbance, fire accidental damage, restriction imposed by the Government circumstances beyond our control, act of God, riot, any war or way or any condition arising from similar causes beyond our control.

* Service tax extra.