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Birlamedisoft was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Birlamedisoft has been the pioneer in developing software for the healthcare industry. Since its inception Birlamedisoft has proven itself as a most trusted brand in delivering end-to-end solutions in a better and affordable way.

"Our mission is to write 'Doctor Friendly' programs for Medical Professionals, and to make Birlamedisoft a ubiquitous medical software brand that is synonymous with the best in quality and the most useful of medical software programs."

More Concentration on Patient Care rather than handling them

It's a challenge doctors have to deal with every day. How to give patients the attention they deserve in the limited time allotted for each visit. Visits are becoming more difficult and complex — in part because some easier cases are going to walk-in clinics — yet schedules have grown increasingly tighter as practices have struggled with the realities of reimbursement.

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