Birlamedisoft was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Birlamedisoft has been the pioneer in developing software for the healthcare industry. Since its inception Birlamedisoft has proven itself as a most trusted brand in delivering end-to-end solutions in a better and affordable way.

"Our mission is to write 'Doctor Friendly' programs for Medical Professionals, and to make Birlamedisoft a ubiquitous medical software brand that is synonymous with the best in quality and the most useful of medical software programs."

Birlamedisoft Launched Quanta V4.0 HIMS
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Birlamedisoft has devoted 5,500+ man-years in developing Healthcare Softwares.

Birlamedisoft Team


A Highly Motivated and Dedicated Management Consultants, Programmers & Operations Team.

Multi tasking

Multi tasking

In-depth relevant Experience in Development & implementations of Hospital Management, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Blood banking, Medicine & Medical informatics software solutions.

On board

On Board

A panel of renowned doctors as consultants on its board for the development of medical softwares.


hospital management products

Hospital Information Management System

Birlamedisoft presents a wide range of products for Hospital Information Management System using mobile applications and desktop software.

hospital management products

Laboratory Information Management System

An integrate form of program that helps
to manage and store data involve during diagnosis of entire medical

hospital management products

Bloodbank Management System

It helps to maintain reports, billing, inventory, accounts and master
registers for any blood bank

hospital management products


Birlamedisoft Maxim PACS is a software which allows to view DICOM images with full-quality, non-compressed images over any type of network connection.

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Birlamedisoft collaborates with Zambia and other neighbouring countries. Select any country to know more about alliances.

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